Forefront of the industry 

With a limited number of sponsorships available, the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards provide the perfect opportunity to show everyone that your company is at the forefront of supporting the work of the marketing research industry.

As the sponsor of the opening reception, the gala after-party or an individual award, your company will have the chance to help shine a much-deserved spotlight on the industry – and it gives you an excuse to celebrate with your clients and team members!

Individual award sponsorships

Get your brand on stage by sponsoring one of the awards!

Sponsorships include:

  • Your company as the exclusive sponsor of one of the awards

  • Your company logo on the awards website, nomination portal 

  • Your company logo on the nomination portal

  • Announcement of the award with a mention of your company name as the sponsor 

  • Your company logo on the screen with the finalists of the award

  • A Twitter shout-out announcing the sponsorship 

Awards available for sponsorship

  • Researcher of the Year (end-client) (SOLD)

  • Researcher of the Year (supplier) 

  • Marketing Research Supplier (2019 revenue at or above $10 million) (SOLD)

  • Marketing Research Supplier (2019 revenue below $10 million)

  • Client-Side Team (department of 10 or more researchers) (SOLD) 

  • Client-Side Team (department with less than 10 researchers) (SOLD)  

  • Panel Company of the Year

  • Groundbreaking Research Project

  • Technology Impact (SOLD) 

  • Advertising Research Project

  • Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project (SOLD)

  • B2B Research Project 

  • Qualitative Research Impact 

  • Best New Product/Service Innovation

  • Client/Supplier Collaboration

  • Outstanding Young Researcher (SOLD)

  • MREF Philanthropic Company of the Year 

  • MREF Everyday Hero (SOLD)

  • Global Marketing Research Project 

  • Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project (SOLD)  

Please note: You may not sponsor an award for which your company has been nominated.

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