Who is judging the awards?

How can I be sure about the integrity of the awards?


To avoid a popularity contest or the issuing of awards that are not based on merit, the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards will be judged by Quirk’s editorial staff, end-client and/or supplier-side researchers.

  • All judges must sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to judging awards.

  • Judges will not be allowed to judge categories in which they are nominated.

  • All attempts will be made to ensure the judging is blind so that the judges do not know the name or company they are evaluating. 

  • To prevent lobbying, names of judges are not released prior to finalists and winners being chosen.

  • Judges use an online portal to independently judge the nominations. They are not provided the names of the other judges and they do not see the scores of the other judges. The system tabulates the scores.

2019 Judges 

  • David Boyle, Sunshine

  • Mario Carrasco, ThinkNow

  • Amy Castelda, W5

  • Steven Cooley, Ph.D., BCBSIL

  • Andra Davidson, MREF

  • Lauren DeRaleau, Trunk Club

  • Alicia Driscoll, National Research Group

  • Dawn Farren, Unilever

  • Teresa Faust, United Methodist

  • Sarah Freske, Quirk's Media

  • Michelle Gansle, Effem

  • Anndrea Golightly, Walgreens

  • Tiffany Hays, FUEL – Focus Room

  • Jeffrey Henning, MRII

  • Barry Jennings, Microsoft

  • Grant Johnson, Interpret

  • Sarah Jousiffe, Sky U.K.

  • Emily Koenig, Quirk's Media

  • Karen Kraft, Johnsonville

  • Paul Lundquist, YouGov

  • Tiffany Ng, Experian

  • Aryn O'Donnell, Fieldwork

  • Joseph Rydholm, Quirk's Media 

  • Steve Schlesinger, Schlesinger Group

  • Sebastian Schuliaquer, Kellogg

  • Mike Swiontkowski, Blizzard Entertainment

  • Gwynne Villota, NPR

  • James Wycherley, Insight Management Academy

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