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​Who is judging the awards?

How can I be sure about the integrity of the awards?


To avoid a popularity contest or the issuing of awards that are not based on merit, the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards will be judged by Quirk’s editorial staff, end-client and/or supplier-side researchers.

  • All judges must sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to judging awards.

  • Judges will not be allowed to judge categories in which they are nominated.

  • All attempts will be made to reduce unconscious bias among judges by concealing personally-identifying applicant data. 

  • To prevent lobbying, names of judges are not released prior to finalists and winners being chosen.

  • Judges use an online portal to independently judge the nominations. They are not provided the names of the other judges and they do not see the scores of the other judges. The system tabulates the scores.


  • Diego Adolfo Chavez Terrazas, EyeSee Research 

  • Allan Altholz, North Carolina Education Lottery

  • Michelle Andre, Women in Research

  • Randy Berkowitz, Retired 

  • David Boyle, Audience Strategies

  • Amy Castelda, W5

  • Richard Collins, Askia 

  • Steven Cooley, BlueCross BlueShield Association

  • Nancy Cox, Research Story Consulting

  • Todd Dorocke, AbbVie

  • Rich Feldman, Finario

  • Misty Flantroy, Masonite

  • James Forr, Olson Zaltman 

  • Angela Geroulakis, Geroulakis Law, PC/NAS Innovation Ignition 

  • Paul Griffiths, Client Advocates 

  • Shehnaz Hansraj, Viking Crusies 

  • Mohamed Hassen, PepsiCo 

  • Gary Heller, Audacy

  • Lisa Horwich, Pallas Research Associates

  • Natalia Infante Caylor, Hola Insights 

  • Ellie Inman 

  • Amanda Kimble-Evans, Altitude Marketing

  • Anastasia Knox, Thinks Insight & Strategy 

  • Karen Kraft, Johnsonville 

  • Brian Ley, Tyson Foods

  • Katie (Cladwell) Loas, Abercrombie 

  • Sally Loughlin, Mondelez International 

  • Suzanne Lugthart, Fathom Research 

  • Jenn Mancusi, Growgetter

  • Kristina Martinez, Abbott

  • Louis McLaren, Lovebrands 

  • Michaela Mora, Relevant Insights, LLC 

  • Bessam Mustafa, Toronto Blue Jays

  • Kirk O'Connor, Pure Spectrum 

  • Michelle Onofrio, Combe 

  • Annie Pettit  

  • Mark Petrone, Opinium 

  • Ellen Pieper, Research Results Inc.

  • Mike Porter, University of St. Thomas 

  • Katherine Roe, Whitbread 

  • Ashley Spring, ally 

  • La Sridhar, AbbVie

  • Sarah Travis, Resolution Insights 

  • Xavier Vaissière, Colgate-Palmolive Company 

  • Jeffrey Wu, Mars Wrigley 

  • James Wycherley, Insight Management Academy

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