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With a limited number of sponsorships available, the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards provide the perfect opportunity to show everyone that your company is at the forefront of supporting the work of the marketing research industry.

As the sponsor of an individual award, your company will have the chance to help shine a much-deserved spotlight on the industry!​


Position your brand in front of thousands of research and insight decision-makers throughout the year. Title sponsorship includes:

  • Recognition as exclusive title sponsor of the 2024 awards.

  • LinkedIn post announcing your support as Title Sponsor.

  • Quirk’s News Queue announcement of your support as Title Sponsor.

  • Inclusion in social media post(s) promoting the virtual awards ceremony.

  • Your company logo on homepage.

  • Your company logo on the nomination portal.

  • Your company logo on award marketing e-mailers.

  • A verbal thank-you call-out during the awards ceremony.

  • Opportunity to feature a 20-second sponsor-produced video during the virtual celebration.

*Please note: You may not sponsor an award for which your company has been nominated.


1. The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards are open to any individual, practicing marketing researcher, brand or marketing research services provider from any and all countries globally who have contributed to a campaign or otherwise fit the category as outlined in the category descriptions. 


2. Entries may be edited up until the point of submission.


3. Entries are invited from client companies and service providers alike. Entries can be made independently, or as joint client/supplier submissions, unless otherwise noted within the category description.


4. Entries must be made using the online entry template. Entries will not be accepted by any other means.


5. By submitting an entry the entrant confirms that they have read and agree with the Rules of Entry and understand these now apply. 


6. When entries are submitted on behalf of clients by agencies or other parties, client sign-off is assumed. If any issues arise concerning client sign-off once the entry has been submitted, no refund will be given.


7. Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and the correct companies are credited as appropriate. Quirk’s accepts no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.


8. Entrants may upload logos, preferably in Illustrator EPS format, of the brand/client and entering agency only.


9. Digital uploads may take a variety of formats, e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Jpeg file. Please ensure that uploaded logos and any supporting files follow the supporting material guidelines. Please note when uploading supporting material file names must not include any special characters, e.g., _ / ( ) & * “. PDFs and PPTs must be 10 pages or less in length. Video and audio files must be 5 minutes or less in length.


10. Where websites form part of an entry, please ensure any URLs, access details, usernames and passwords needed for judging are supplied, that they work and that they will continue to work until December 2024. Sites that cannot be viewed will be eliminated from the judging.


11. Once submitted, entries are confirmed and non-refundable. 


12. If a nomination does not qualify for the category it has been submitted to, Quirk’s reserves the right to recategorize and invoice the listed entry fee or cancel the submission. Entrant must pay invoice to Quirk’s on or before July 12, 2024, or the nomination will be removed. If canceled, the entrant will not be refunded the original entry fee. 


13. If a category receives less than three nominations, Quirk’s Media reserves the right to eliminate the category. In this scenario, entry fees that have been collected for that category only will be refunded. 


14. Quirk’s takes conflicts of interest very seriously and will work to minimize occurrences of conflicts. Quirk’s selects a diverse body of judges who we feel are objective, respected and knowledgeable in their category. Judges may not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest; such situations are closely monitored and policed accordingly. In addition, if a judge is nominated for a category in which they were scheduled to judge they will be removed from the judging panel.  


15. Any entry may be withdrawn for any reason on or before July 12, 2024, with written request to the organizers; however, the entry fee is non-refundable.


16. Sponsors are not permitted to enter the category that they are sponsoring.


17. Awards will be judged by a line-up of client- and supplier-side marketing researchers and/or Quirk’s editorial staff. Quirk’s editorial staff will follow standard blind judging guidelines to avoid unintentional bias. All judges will sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to reviewing entries. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding them. 


18. Winners will be announced at The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards – Powered by Quirk’s, taking place virtually in November 2024. Finalists will be provided with information regarding a virtual awards ceremony. 

19. No changes will be accepted after July 12, 2024. 


20. Quirk’s Media may use the content of your entry submission for editorial coverage, business or marketing purposes as an example of best practice. Quirk’s will never use anything marked as “Confidential Information” as we fully respect the entrant’s commercial confidence.

21. In 2024, the two Researcher of the Year categories (for end clients and suppliers) will be merged for the first time. To ensure equity in this transition, client-side (in-house) researcher nominations for the Researcher of the Year category can utilize the discount code 100OFF between April 22 and June 25, 2024. This discount is not applicable to supplier nominations in this category, nor can it be used for any other category. If the discount code is used for anything other than nominating a client-side (in-house) researcher for the 2024 Researcher of the Year category, the submitter will receive an invoice to be paid in full within 5 business days. If invoice is not paid, the nomination will be withdrawn. 

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