B2B Research Project - Feeling Mutual and 2Europe 

Qualitative Research Impact - Disney Channels Worldwide

Technology Impact - Measure Protocol

Panel Company of the Year - MedSurvey

Best New Product/Service Innovation - Big Sofa Technologies

Client/Supplier Collaboration - Verizon and buzzback

Outstanding Young Researcher - Gracie McKinstry-Smith

Global Marketing Research Project - Opinium and Ancestry

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Project - Southwark Council, Shared Intelligence and Analogue Strategies

Groundbreaking Research Project - InSites Consulting and Anheuser-Busch

Advertising Research Project - Twitter and EyeSee

Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project - Healthcare Research Worldwide and RealityMine

Marketing Research Supplier of the Year (2019 revenue below $10 million) - EyeSee

Marketing Research Supplier of the Year (2019 revenue at or above $10 million) - Zappi

Best Client-Side Team (with less than 10 researchers) - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Best Client-Side Team (with a department of 10 or more researchers) - BT

Researcher of the Year (end-client) - Michelle Gansle

Researcher of the Year (supplier) - Christopher Barnes

MREF Everyday Hero - Sabina Ramdas

MREF Philanthropic Company of the Year - Research Results

Researcher of the Year



  • Michelle Gansle, Mars 

  • Michelle Grushko, Twitter

  • Ethan Lin, Mars

Client-Side Team (department of 10 or more researchers) 


  • BT Group

  • Cox Automotive

  • Microsoft

Groundbreaking Research Project


  • Anheuser-Busch and InSites Consulting

  • BT Consumer and Basis

  • Catalyx

  • SKIM

Best New Product/Service Innovation


  • Big Sofa Technologies

  • Market Cube

  • PPTX Builder

  • Zappi and PepsiCo

Qualitative Research Impact


  • Catalyx

  • Disney Channels Worldwide

  • General Mills and Olson Zaltman

  • Starbucks and Ipsos Sustainability Project Team

Researcher of the Year



  • Christopher Barnes, Escalent

  • Maggie Kane, LBR Insight

  • Allyson Wehn, MFour Mobile Research

Client-Side Team (department with less than 10 researchers)  


  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Progressive Insurance

  • RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

Health Care/

Pharmaceutical Research Project 


  • buzzback

  • Catalyx

  • Healthcare Research Worldwide and RealityMine

  • InSites Consulting and GSK

Client/Supplier Collaboration


  • Bank of America and Escalent

  • Decision Technology Ltd and BT Group

  • Verizon and buzzback

  • Zappi, PepsiCo, Mars, Colgate-Palmolive, Vodafone, Verizon, Reckitt Benckiser and McDonald’s

Outstanding Young Researcher


  • Iona Jackson, Big Sofa Technologies

  • Maya Kantak, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

  • Gracie McKinstry-Smith, Target Corporation

  • Allyson Sovinksky, MarketVision Research

Marketing Research Supplier

(2019 revenue at or above $10 million)


  • Fuel Cycle


  • PureSpectrum

  • Zappi

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project


  • Bakamo

  • Civis Analytics

  • Southwark Council, Shared Intelligence and Analogue Strategies

  • SURA and Inspiralab

B2B Research Project


  • BT Enterprise and Basis

  • Feeling Mutual and 2Europe

  • Illuminas and Cisco

  • UPS and MMR LIVE Experience Design

Panel Company 


  • Kantar, Profiles Division

  • MedSurvey

  • MFour Mobile Research

MREF Philanthropic 

Company of the Year 

2020 Award Winners

  • Research Results

Marketing Research Supplier

(2019 revenue below $10 million)


  • Catalyx

  • EyeSee

  • FlexMR

  • Sklar Wilton & Associates

Global Marketing Research Project 


  • Catalyx

  • Kantar

  • Opinium and Ancestry

  • quantilope

Advertising Research Project


  • BAMM

  • Kellogg's and Quester

  • quantilope

  • Twitter and EyeSee

Technology Impact


  • Big Sofa Technologies

  • Formula 1, Walnut Unlimited and RealityMine

  • Measure Protocol

  • Shell Global Insights, Infotools and Incite Marketing Planning

MREF Everyday Hero

2020 Award Winner

Sabina Ramdas, NextEra Energy 


Researcher of the Year (end-client) – Tony Foleno, Ad Council

Researcher of the Year (supplier) – Laura Radosh Butt, LBR Insight

Marketing Research Supplier (2018 revenue at or above $10 million)  – LRWGreenberg

Marketing Research Supplier (2018 revenue below $10 million) – Kadence International

Client-Side Team (department of 10 or more researchers) – Herbalife Nutrition

Client-Side Team (department with less than 10 researchers) – Disney Channels Worldwide

Global Marketing Research Project – Microsoft and EyeSee

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project – Magenta

Groundbreaking Research Project – Dstillery

B2B Research Project – Cox Automotive

Best New Product/Service – Hall & Partners

Marketing Research Impact – Cox Automotive

Outstanding Young Researcher (end-client) – Elizabeth Saulsbury, Cox Automotive

Outstanding Young Researcher (supplier) – Carolina Starkhammar, Kadence International

Philanthropic Company of the Year – 20|20 Research; Sklar Wilton & Associates

MREF Everyday Hero – Claire Kuhn, InSites Consulting

MRC Hall of Fame – Alice Sylvester, Sequent Partners; Gian Fulgoni, comScore

MRC Award for Academic Excellence – Steven Licari, Michigan State University

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