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Outstanding Young Researcher 

  • Grace Miller, Opinium

  • Harry Gove, OnePoll

  • Joyce Chuinkam, Talk Shoppe

  • Maia Chang, Ferrara


Fearless Leader

Sponsored by: Zappi

  • Dana DiGregorio, MESH Experience 

  • Katrin Scheibert, Kadence International 

  • Shelley Ahrens, The DRG

  • Timothy Cornelius, QuestionPro


Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project 

Sponsored by: MarketVision

  • Curio Research and Cherri Christiansen Consulting in partnership with the Qualitative Research Consultants Association

  • and Lambeth Anti-Street Harassment Campaign

  • Lillian Labs and Boost Oregon

  • Quantum Consumer Solutions and Adrian Hodges Advisory


Global Marketing Research Project 

          Sponsored by: Lovebrands

  • Colgate Palmolive and EyeSee 

  • G=mc2 and Harman

  • Herbalife Nutrition 

  • Shapiro+Raj 


Groundbreaking Research Project 

  • Explorer Research and Coca-Cola 

  • Firefish USA and McDonald's 

  • PepsiCo and Kantar

  • Firefish, The Numbers Lab and Pinterest


Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project 

  • GemSeek and Philips 

  • Myovant Sciences and ThinkNow

  • Research Partnership and Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Research Partnership and Sanofi

B2B Research Project

  • Neuro-Insight U.S. and Spotify 

  • Premise 

  • Shapiro+Raj 

  • Tableau, Salesforce and NewtonX


Best Place to Work 

  • Echo Market Research 

  • Explorer Research 

  • Full Circle Research 

  • quantilope

Best Client-Side Team 

Sponsored by: Opinium

  • Farmer's Fridge

  • Lowell Group 

  • Microsoft 

  • WWE

Qualitative Research Impact 

  • Magenta Research and ICAEW

  • Opinium 

  • Polaris and Gongos – Part of InSites Consulting 

  • HearUSA and Gold Research Inc. 


Technology Impact 

Sponsored by: EyeSee

  • Canvs AI

  • DISQO 

  • NewtonX

  • Research Defender


Best New Product/Service Innovation 

  • G=mc2

  • Innovate MR

  • Streetbees

  • The Advertising Research Foundation and New York University - School of Professional Studies 

Client/Supplier Collaboration 

  • Clear M&C Saatchi and MARS Wrigley 

  • Deep Blue Thinking and Checkatrade 

  • L'Oreal and InSites Consulting 

  • Microsoft and NewtonX


MR Supplier (revenue below $10 million)

  • Adience 

  • EyeSee

  • MESH Experience 

  • Perksy


MR Supplier (revenue at or above $10 million)

  • Forsta (software & technology)

  • Hotspex

  • Russell Research 

  • Shapiro+Raj


Researcher of the Year (end-client)

Sponsored by: Toluna

  • Daniel Siddle, Molson Coors

  • Kate Weymer, Microsoft 

  • Lynzie Riebling, REVOLT TV

  • Stephen Griffiths, Level 2 (UnitedHealth Group)


Researcher of the Year (supplier)

  • Amanda Heer, The DRG

  • Jon Puleston, Kantar Profiles 

  • Lindsey Dickman, Escalent

  • Steffen Schmidt, LINK

Lifetime Achievement 

Sponsored by: Explorer Research

  • Steven H. Cohen

MREF Philanthropic

Company of the Year

  • Burke Inc. 

MREF Everyday Hero 

Sponsored by: OvationMR

  • Russell Budden, OnePoll

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