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Outstanding Young Researcher 

Maia Chang, Ferrara


Fearless Leader sponsored by Zappi 

Timothy Cornelius, QuestionPro

Groundbreaking Research Project  

Firefish, The Numbers Lab and Pinterest

Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project 

Research Partnership and Bristol Myers Squibb

B2B Research Project

Neuro-Insight U.S. and Spotify

Best Place to Work 

Echo Market Research

Qualitative Research Impact 


Technology Impact sponsored by Methodify by EyeSee

Research Defender

Best New Product/Service Innovation


Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project sponsored by MarketVision 

Quantum Consumer Solutions and Adrian Hodges Advisory on behalf of the Clean Air Fund

Global Marketing Research Project sponsored by Lovebrands

Herbalife Nutrition 

Client/Supplier Collaboration 

L'Oreal and InSites Consulting

MR Supplier (2021 revenue below $10 million)

MESH Experience

MR Supplier (2021 revenue at or above $10 million)


Best Client-Side Team sponsored by Opinium

Farmer's Fridge

Researcher of the Year (end-client) sponsored by Toluna 

Stephen Griffiths, Level2 

Researcher of the Year (supplier)

Jon Puleston, Kantar Profiles 

MREF Everyday Hero sponsored by OvationMR 

Russ Budden, OnePoll

Philanthropic Company of the Year

Burke Inc. 

Lifetime Achievement sponsored by Explorer Research

Steven H. Cohen, in4mation Insights 

B2B Research Project - Microsoft

Best Place to Work - Zappi

Transforming Insight - Jason Alleger, Traeger Grill

Qualitative Research Impact - Feeling Mutual

Technology Impact - Imperium

Panel Company - Full Circle Research

Best New Product/Service Innovation - Catalyx

Best Client-Side Team - Ferrara

Philanthropic Company of the Year - M/A/R/C Research

MREF Everyday Hero - Jaceey Sebastian

Fearless Leader - Diego Adolfo Chávez Terrazas, EyeSee

Groundbreaking Research Project - Escalent and Merrill

Advertising Research Project - MESH Experience and Fidelity International

Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project - NHS Healthier Together and Mace & Menter 

Researcher of the Year (end-client) - Jason Alleger, Traeger Grills

Researcher of the Year (supplier) - Thomas Troch, InSites Consulting

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project - Opinium and Plan International

Global Marketing Research Project - Sparkler, Part of PA Consulting, and Twitter

Outstanding Young Researcher - Thomas Ware, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Lifetime Achievement Monica Wood, Herbalife Nutrition

Client/Supplier Collaboration - Dish/Sling Network, MDRG and Bera

MR Supplier (2020 revenue below $10 million) - Ebco Trends

MR Supplier (2020 revenue at or above $10 million) - PureSpectrum



B2B Research Project - Feeling Mutual and 2Europe 

Qualitative Research Impact - Disney Channels Worldwide

Technology Impact - Measure Protocol

Panel Company of the Year - MedSurvey

Best New Product/Service Innovation - Big Sofa Technologies

Client/Supplier Collaboration - Verizon and buzzback

Outstanding Young Researcher - Gracie McKinstry-Smith

Global Marketing Research Project - Opinium and Ancestry

Advertising Research Project - Twitter and EyeSee

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Project - Southwark Council, Shared Intelligence and Analogue Strategies

Groundbreaking Research Project - InSites Consulting and Anheuser-Busch

Health Care/Pharmaceutical Research Project - Healthcare Research Worldwide and RealityMine

Marketing Research Supplier of the Year (2019 revenue below $10 million) - EyeSee

Marketing Research Supplier of the Year (2019 revenue at or above $10 million) - Zappi

Best Client-Side Team (with less than 10 researchers) - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Best Client-Side Team (with a department of 10 or more researchers) - BT

Researcher of the Year (end-client) - Michelle Gansle

Researcher of the Year (supplier) - Christopher Barnes

MREF Everyday Hero - Sabina Ramdas

MREF Philanthropic Company of the Year - Research Results


Researcher of the Year (end-client) – Tony Foleno, Ad Council

Researcher of the Year (supplier) – Laura Radosh Butt, LBR Insight

Marketing Research Supplier (2018 revenue at or above $10 million)  – LRWGreenberg

Marketing Research Supplier (2018 revenue below $10 million) – Kadence International

Client-Side Team (department of 10 or more researchers) – Herbalife Nutrition

Client-Side Team (department with less than 10 researchers) – Disney Channels Worldwide

Global Marketing Research Project – Microsoft and EyeSee

Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Research Project – Magenta

Groundbreaking Research Project – Dstillery

B2B Research Project – Cox Automotive

Best New Product/Service – Hall & Partners

Marketing Research Impact – Cox Automotive

Outstanding Young Researcher (end-client) – Elizabeth Saulsbury, Cox Automotive

Outstanding Young Researcher (supplier) – Carolina Starkhammar, Kadence International

Philanthropic Company of the Year – 20|20 Research; Sklar Wilton & Associates

MREF Everyday Hero – Claire Kuhn, InSites Consulting

MRC Hall of Fame – Alice Sylvester, Sequent Partners; Gian Fulgoni, comScore

MRC Award for Academic Excellence – Steven Licari, Michigan State University

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